- Before enjoying the Gallery. -

- How to enjoy printing out the Pictures in this Gallery -

Please click the icon "PRINT" to print pictures out.

- The things that you can print out are as below. -

(100 X 147mm)

(182 X 257mm)

(257 X 364mm)

If you click on the picture that you would like to print out, another new Window with the picture which you pick up will be shown on the screen.

* [Adobe Acrobat Reader] is required to see these pictures, since these pictures are PDF files.
If you haven't installed Adobe Acrobat Reader yet, you can download from this page

- How to print it out. -
1. Prepare the papers which you need. Sizes are as below.
* POSTSCARD ... 100 X 147mm
* LETTERS ... 182 X 257mm
* PLACE MATS ... 257 X 364mm
2. Set the direction of the paper that you are going to print out and the size of the paper. Please use the browser, "Page Setup..." in the "File" to set the size freely.
3. Make the margin, footer, and header 0.
4. Please check the size and the direction of the paper by clicking "File"and "Print" and then, "Property" which is next to the name of the Printer.
5. You do not need check in "Adjust the Paper's size"in "Print". And then, please start printing.
* I suggest you that you would test with the disposable paper first. If you finished printing the file out, please close the window each time.

Please close this window after reading these instructions. Now, enjoy printing!