- Before enjoying the Gallery. -

- How to walk -

1. Please click "WALK" to look at the Shrines and Temples which you would like to see.

2. Chiga. Yoshimi is walking in two different directions (which is shown on the screen). Please click the map which you would like to go in.

3. The number which is shown on the left side is the order which Chiga. Yoshimi visited. You can enter by clicking the number on the left if you would like to.

* The number on the left window and the number on the map are identical.

If you click on the left-down side, you will be brought to the another direction.

* Like the picture shown on the left window, the Japanese poem should be on the right side of the picture. We will recommend you that you would make the monitor full size, if you are using a monitor smaller than 15 inch.

Please close this window after reading these instructions. Now, enjoy printing!